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Hi guys today, I want to share with you something personal. About ten years ago for the first time I truly felt how it is to not like your body and to not be comfortable in it. As growing up I was happy with my body until the day I was told that my shoulders are big and very muscular. I was told that by some very close people to me which hurt even more. They probably did not mean to upset me. However, till that day I have never looked at my shoulders as they were big or manly or muscular. I thought I was looking very girly. Now, after I was told that I thought I was okay and that it would pass my ears. However, it stayed with me for a very long time. It changed my confidence, my comfort level, and my behavior. I became very uncomfortable in my own body. I did not want to wear anything that had revealing shoulders. During the summer I would stick only to the tops that have short sleeves. I was feeling self-conscious about how I look. This heavy change in my behavior and self lasted for about a year. After which, I got really upset with myself. I started reading lots of books and started working out like crazy to lose weight which in a way helped with decreasing the mass of my shoulders. I practically did not do any exercises on my back as I was so worried of getting “giant shoulders”. I lost about 20 lbs and I started looking unhealthy. At that point, I opened up to my friend who told me that I am crazy and that I look “hot as hell” 😉 (best friend ever, love her to death). After a conversation with my friend, I started to think back and remembering myself loving my body and being so happy in my own skin. So what has changed since then ? Nothing! It took only two words out of someone mouth to change me so much. That is when I realized that I am still that cute girly girl as I was before. The only thing is that I let someone disturb my mind and peace with negativity. Now, if that would have been said to me by some strangers I probably would pay as much attention. However, this was said to me by some very close people. However, because of this I learned how to be stronger and to love myself no matter what. I will say that I have been comfortable wearing anything I want for the past few years. I also do not worry if my shoulders might look bigger in certain dresses or blouses. So, my advise to all of you out there is to be strong and to not pay attention to negativity from others. People can be mean without even realizing it. However, value those who stand next to you no matter what and cheer you up in dark times. I am lucky to say that I have found that one who brings the best in me. I kept this short to not get too emotional about it. I really hope it helps some of you. Let me know if you had a hard time getting over something.

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    November 18, 2016

    This is a great post, thank you for sharing your experience. You are right when you said people can be mean and not even know it and it can only take a couple of words to lose all confidence. You are obviously very beautiful and you should be very proud of how you overcome your insecurities. X

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      November 18, 2016

      Thank you love so much for such kind words