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So, it is Tuesday and it is only 26 days until the Christmas and I could not be happier. I absolutely love the Christmas spirit and all the goodness that is in the air during this time. And, as you may know I love to layer and style the sweater dress. Here is the little fact about me, I barely owned any pants from age of 10 until 16 as all of my outfits consisted of skirts and dresses. And, on days when I had a gym class I would change into my gym attire for the class and then change back in my skirt. I was so girly form 10 until 16. Before 10 I was a bit of a tomboy. So, that is a little about me. Now, this look I above as you can see I styled my favorite dress with moto jacket and wedge ankle boots. I added to it the long earrings and the fingerless gloves. I am in love with these gloves. In order for this look not to be very plain and boring. The sparkles of the long earrings, gloves, and the shoes add the feel of glam to this look. However, I feel as it also gives this biker kinda feel and maybe just a bit of a bad girl 😉 . So, as you can see I am obsessed with dress just because it can styled in so many ways. This dress is a great example of basic clothing item that can be styled and restyled for any taste. Love investments like that.

Styling tip: great basics can save you money and be the base of your outfit.

My outfit

Dress – click here  (only 29$)

Top – Zara

Shoes – Mom’s present from Ukraine 😉

Earrings – Bebe

Gloves – Kohl’s