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· Kylie Jenner inspired outfit ·

December 5, 2016 0 Comments


So, it is Monday yayyyyy. Just kidding. However, I am excited that it is only 20 days until Christmas. I have been inspired lately by Kylie Jenner look. I really liked her simple yet such sexy T-shirt dress. Now, if you would go and buy this same exact look as Kylie has, you would have to pay somewhere between 2000-4000$. Now, my version of this look is under 100$. This look includes of over the knee boots, T-shirt dress, and wide belt.  So, how did I get this look under 100$? Well, it was pretty simple. I went for a regular T-shirt (men’s) in size XL with short sleeves. Next, I looked for some cure belts that can be worn on daily basis and with variety different outfits. So, I found this one and I am completely in love. I can already see myself styling it with different looks. Now, I did not have to shop for over the knee boots since I own so many of them. However, for those of you are on a strict budget but would still like to recreate this look, you can get over the knee socks or tights. Over the knee socks or tight will cost you no more than 20$. So this way your look will be under 70$. If you happen to recreate this look please tag me in it on Instagram. I am also including my video for this look where you can see this style with both the over the knee boots and socks (you probably won’t even notice the difference). Good night beautiful. Stay positive and happy.


Styling tip: use over the knee socks or tights together with matching shoes (I always go for black) in place of over the knee boots. This will save you money but yet still provide you with that sexy look.





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