5 must have fall styles for 2016

· 5 outfit ideas for fall 2016 ·

September 25, 2016 0 Comments


The first must have style for this fall is the knee cut jeans (I am sure most of you have them by now). I really like these jeans as they are super stretchy, high waisted, and have a knee cut. In addition, they are super affordable and in my opinion a total must. So, if you need to replace your old black jeans with a new pair, I would highly recommend this one.


I paired my jeans with a cropped top and a cardigan sweater with an ankle boots. I also have to mention that I absolutely love these boots. They are really soft and super comfortable. The heel is wide and is not too high. This looks is perfect for everyday wear. These boots are highly requested and if you are lucky you still might be able to get them here (they have them in black and khaki).

Look 1


Photo Credit: Fashion Vibe by Zina Charkoplia

Second must have style for fall of 2016 is an over the knee boots. Yes! You heard me right! And, no it does not look slutty, if anything it looks super stylish and so sexy. Now, to wear the over the knee boots like a pro you need to pair them with a right outfit. As shown in this picture, the high waisted shorts (denim or leather, I prefer in neutral colors) paired with a sweater and longer coat looks simply amazing. Now, you can also pair it with a chunky sweater and a skirt or a sweater dress. You can also pair it with jeans or leggings which gives you that extra layer of warmth (always a plus for me 😉 ).


Photo Credit: Fashion Vibe by Zina Charkoplia

Here is another outfit with thigh high boots. Now, we see it with a coat vest, white sweater, and the skort. Now, if you do not have yet the coat vest, please invest in one. It is so flattering and so stylish. And, if you do not want to pay a lot of money just shop around and look for the best deal that does not break your budget. I found some really good over the knee boots that are also of great price cuz let me tell you some of them you will see going for $500 or more. Now, the one that I found and purchased right away too 😉 are under 100$ and they do not look any worst than those for $700. Over the knee boots are here. 



Photo Credit: Hello Fashion By Christine Andrew

Third must have style for fall 2016 and winter 2016 is the sweater dress. As you can see it looks so good with the high boots and vest coat. You can also pair t with you favorite leggings (just do not go too crazy) make sure they go together.  The fur vest will also look very good with a sweater dress and an over the knee boots.

Forth style is the turtleneck sweaters especially those chunky sweaters.

Fifth style is moto leather or suede jacket. You can style it with any outfit and it will add such an edge and style to your look.

This is it for today, I am working on some style videos for you guys, so do not forget to check out my YouTube channel. If you do not want to miss any posts, please subscribe. Thanks for stopping by and I will see you soon loves.